Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tal-tal, Subano Wedding

The Subano tal-tal is the equivalent to the lowland people's wedding. The word taltal rhymes with the Pilipino word kasal.which means wedding. It is a primitive type of wedding but the ceremony is accepted by the Philippine Government as a legal valid wedding. Only the Timuay (tribe head) can officiate the wedding. He's authorized by the Philippine government with a license from the National Census and Statistics Office. It is totally different from lowland people's wedding mostly in a Catholic ceremony that its is integrated in a mass. In the olden times though the Philippine Family Code was put to practice, Subano tal-tal was not recognized by the Philippine government as a valid wedding. The Timuay had to be granted authority as a way of preserving their culture, their practices. But the Catholic Church is not accepting the Subano tal-tal as the ceremony is pagan, it doesn't mention Jesus Christ in uniting the couple.

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