Wednesday, December 24, 2008

dream dec2508

was on a jeepney curve going downhill overtake many cars almost caused smash up among 10-wheel trucks and cars bumped a stopped jeepney it feel into a tennis court under shades of talisay trees i was carrying a sack of copra got torn tried to sew with a white cord asked the driver his liability in the accident took another ride on a tricycle a beautiful girl -- a student was with me white chinese looking kissed her in the cheek when she got off her necktie navy blue in color embroidered with initials of her school, i was supposed to be going to university of san carlos walked from where the girl got off men that dont look golf players were playing golf on the street hitting their balls on windows of vans suspecting them their intention was to break the windows to steal the vans they played their golf like they are playing tennis hitting and returning i fear i might get hit in the head by the golf balls as big as tennis balls dimpled and dark in color climbed wall middle of street soldiers were there in their trucks didnt mind i climbed. got inside an old man's walled yard he was playing with a gecko and a baby rat on pool of shallow unclean water, got angry that i was not interested in his animals my purpose getting inside his yard was my fear of getting hit in the head by golf balls, got out of his yard proceeded walking cannot locate anymore where san carlos university is thought of taking a taxi dream changed was among children 2years old, two girls and a boy, one girl her legs parted her big genital cleaved open up the penis threshold, another girl was lying legs together genital bare but no open

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