Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Cerebral Palsy Son

My second son Archie was shown to me through the glass windows hours after he was born. After a day at the nursery, the hospital called me at work informing me that Archie had turned yellowish. "He vomited," the hospital added. The only medical word I remember the hospital told me was "jaundice." His skin was like a skinned ginger when I went to see him at the hospital nursery. Archie had to remain in the hospital for 29 days. When he was released he was so thin that we did catch up feeding for him. Within a few months, he was almost like a healthy baby. But the only development we noticed in him was his body. Until he was three years old he had not learned to walk nor had he learned to talk. I devoted more of my time on his walk learning. I was determined not to keep him in a crib or a pen when he had outgrown the crib. On weekends we would go to a nearby park where the grass on the lawn would cushion his every fall. Exactly on June 16, 1988, he was three years and three months then, I leaned him on suntan flowers that bordered the park lawn. I took three short steps backward and began encouraging him to walk toward me. It took nearly an hour of coaxing before he finally stepped his feet toward me. Only three steps the last step was to make sure that he gets to me, and then he hugged me. But that was all that was needed and his courage to learn to walk was built. Now he's 25 years old, a full grown man. Archie can walk although not quite in good control of his body, but he walks. Archie has not learned to talk, but he's not zero at communicating. He types on the computer the words he wants to say to me. the document file is always open in case he wants to say something. Archie has never gone to school in his life, not even a half minute in a formal classroom. He got all his education in the internet. He can be visited in his FaceBook account. He's using his full name Nate Archibald Ferrolino Hisula.

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